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DHSA - Rudi Darbo


DHSA works with gardening and excavation.


I started with gardening in 2020 and have had a quick growth and understanding of the work. I've used digital tools to plan, learn and continually improve my work since day one.


Good communication is my focus; I like to listen to the client and understand their needs. I care about the results and am genuinely interested in providing good service.


I am interested in architecture (self-study), masonry and the building process. I am curious about how AI and technology will develop within all these areas.

The planting process starts with choosing the right plant at the right location - how will your garden look in 5 years? In the creative process I look at your garden from several perspecives and angles and include you/the client into the structuring and choosing of plants.

Sensors that measure e.g. the temperature, pH, minerals and finds out when the plans needs watering is the next stage relative to AI and gardening. By installing sensors and connecting them to your smartphone, a watering system, weather stations and/or a community on IoT(Internet of Things) you can fine-tune the watering in relation to the plants' needs while contributing to research for sustainability.

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